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Magazine Page Open

 First Issue Launches

JANUARY 1, 2017


This project is a work in progress. I am so busy with other projects that I could really use the help. Even reblogged  articles would be appreciated. But, for the sake of professionalism I am only using voluntarily submitted material. The Format isn’t set yet, but, I am considering dividing the magazine into sections. This is the current set up.


  • Priming the Muse
  • How To . . .
  • Poetry and Pictures
  • Features
  • Art and Stories
  • Event Hosting Corner
  • Reviews
  • Spotlight Interviews


Any articles you can contribute would be greatly appreciated.

Contributors Wanted

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Launching Magazine: Contributers Wanted

Verus Mendax Magazine

On January 1, 2017 a weekly test version of this magazine will be launched on a wordpress platform. It’s focus will be on the creative arts by those who are writing and creating things for those who are or want to do the same and those who appreciate the techniques and the skills of who write and create. Any Genre is welcome from cooking to filmmaking, writing and painting, sculpting and documenting, and designing and acting this Magazine is an open book.

Since this magazine is still at an experimental stage, I have set a few goals for this  Magazine.

  • To be approximately 2100 words per week.
  • To have a cover image every week. (Interior art and photography a bonus)
  • To develop a consistent format

I do not expect to meet these goals consistently right away. If and when it consistently reaches those goals, then together we can consider relaunching the Magazine in a more professional format. That is if you participate.

All Contributers will be given member status with Verus Mendax and their contributions will count toward their contribution points.

If you want to submit articles or images go here.

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The Mission Statement Part 2: An Experiment in Creative Teamwork

*Please Read ‘The Mission Statement Part One‘ First

In most creative pursuits people work alone. Perhaps artists have always been solitary creatures; or perhaps they use their talents as a vehicle for a metaphorical sulk in the corner. It can be a very depressing way of life with brief glorious moments in the spotlight. AND, it should not be like that.

So I have decided to start an experiment in creative teamwork. In this experiment, I choose to be eternally optimistic even if no one else joins the experiment. So who should Join the experiment?

  • Creative People who work alone but could use help promoting their talents and work.
  • Creative People who are experiencing a creativity block and need a kick in any direction to get ideas flowing again.
  • Creative People who have trouble getting started without a prompt or an assignment
  • People who are not necessarily Creative, but are good at generating ideas that might be useful to more Creative People than themselves.
  • Fans of a Creative Genre who would like to have the opportunity to lend a hand in the process of a Creative Project.
  • People who want to support this Experiment.
  • Anyone who appreciate the Creative Talents of others.


I have very little to offer anyone for joining this experiment. But, I can offer the one thing that is essential for any effort – Pride in Accomplishment. So members can mark their Accomplishments by points earned for their contributions.

Opportunities to follow . . .

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Verus Mendax. What’s in a Name?

In Latin Verus means truth, and Mendax means liar. So why would I juxtapose these opposites in giving this page its name?

For me it is that sense of reality that connects us to our imagination so that we can still be tethered to reality as we dive into those creative fantasies that make us unique, and upon emerging we either understand it through reality or feel that emotional connection by our shared experiences.

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The Mission Statement Part One: Making the World Artistic Again

Jump off. Land here. Create. Share. Teach. And learn.

I want to make the world artistic again. I don’t think anyone realized that it ever was, because growing up we were discouraged from our imagination and encouraged to follow your parents life path and enter the family business or to trade up through education to join the ranks of a noble profession. Nothing wrong with that except when you wanted to pursue your passion, and lost your sense of self worth, because someone close to you devalued your passion to a hobby or worse as frivolous waste of time and energy.

But, if you ever look up at old architecture the building itself is an exquisite work of art. Look at the details and craftsmanship of antique furniture, and even the tools themselves. All were works of art.

Some still are, but much of the architecture looks like cardboard boxes, straight angular. A few bright jewels exist but they mostly fall into the category of playgrounds for the uber rich.

I would like to reverse that trend. I have several projects in mind. But, first let’s Jump into it together. The more the merrier. If we create together it will grow.

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