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Welcome to the Verus Mendax homepage! Where content creators produce content with input and direct support from their fans. Even if you are not an artist, writer, director, producer, or acting talent your opinions, thoughts, and ideas are welcomed, prompted, considered, and perhaps used by creators in their process of building worlds, developing characters, and plots This is where interactive fiction comes alive!

Verus Mendax also supports collabrotive non fiction too!

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Title: “Nazratti Dawn” (2009)

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Title: – ‘The Beatnik Sifu’ (2009)


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Verus Mendax

VERUS MENDAX is dedicated to studying, collaborating, and creating – quality storytelling content. The cornerstones of VERUS MENDAX are storycrafting, fansourced content, canon, and unfiltered expression.


An understanding of storycraft informs our social development. Without healthy storytelling our culture suffers and the quality of our imagination atrophies. So a focus on the history, philosophy, culture and structure of human imagination, will light that spark of creativity into our stories, culture that have ironically been progressively sapped out of our culture during this time of greater access to more creative tools and mediums.


Established worldbuilding and character development are the central core upon which plots are built. In much the same way talk shows are built around the segment formats that differentiate one show from it’s competitors. Established worlds are not the place to change them to suit new directions that break from the canon. That is the purvue of building new worlds and new characters that drive new visions.

Fansourced Content

Would fans ever want to help build the worlds and characters that they consume? VERUS MENDAX thinks so. Content creators for VERUS MENDAX will engage public input in guided questions and polls to make the creative process more interactive. This is not to say that content is created by commitee. Creators are encouraged to make the content that they want to.

Unfiltered Expression

The best ideas come from letting go of the fears through which ideas are filtered. When,  ideas are naturally unfiltered, innovation shines. Forced unfiltered expression is a marketing ploy that eventually overtakes good storycrafting. So, storycrafting and the expression of unfiltered must work together to build better content.

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This is the contact page for VERUS MENDAX. If you wish to contact VERUS MENDAX fill out and submit the contact form below.


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